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COBI - Armed Forces - F-16D FIGHTING FALCO (410 Pieces)

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The F-16D Fighting Falcon is a two-seater training and combat version of a multi-role aircraft designed by the American General Dynamics company. The F-16s have been produced by the Lockheed Martin mega-concern since 1993. It is used by the air forces of dozens of countries around the world. The Fighting Falcon is a 4th generation fighter designed and put into mass production in the 1970s. The latest versions of the aircraft meet the requirements of generation 4.5 fighters. The F-16 aircraft have repeatedly participated in combat operations as attack and fighter aircraft. They were used for the first time in combat by Israel on June 7, 1981 during the attack on the Osirak nuclear reactor in Iraq. The first foreign plane shot down by an F-16 in 1981 was a Soviet-made Syrian MiG-21 fighter. The most extensive mass use of F-16 aircraft took place in 1991 during Operation Desert Storm in Iraq. As many as 249 machines took part in the action! In later times, the F-16s fought in Pakistan, Afghanistan and took part in many other combat operations.

From 410 of the highest quality COBI construction blocks, you will build the most popular in the world training and combat aircraft F-16? D FIGHTING FALCON? Licensed under the license of the Lockheed Martin defense mega-concern. The set has been carefully designed in a 1:48 scale model. The blocks are covered with high-quality prints. The specially designed two-seater cabin holds two full-size pilots figures! The cabin was made using the new technology of two-color injection. This is a novelty in production technology and a new COBI quality! The set includes two figures of pilots equipped with helmets and oxygen masks with a hose. The whole set is complemented by a block display stand with a plate containing the name of the set!

Thanks to the intuitive instructions, the construction is simple and will not cause problems for less advanced builders. The set will meet the expectations of aviation enthusiasts, military and block enthusiasts. The F-16 will look great both in an adult collector and in a teenager's room. Build a story with COBI! 410 high-quality elements, produced in the EU by a company with over 20 years of tradition, meet the safety standards for children's products, fully compatible with other brands of construction blocks, blocks with prints do not deform and do not fade when playing or under the influence of temperature .