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Cobi - Armed Forces - LIM -1 POLISH AIR FORCE 1952 (504 Pieces)

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The Lim-1 fighter plane was a Soviet license Mikoyan MiG-15 built by the Polish aviation industry. The commencement of production at WSK-1 in Mielec resulted in a significant development of the aviation industry, as well as supplying raw materials, materials and technical equipment. The Lim-1 planes were equipped with the Lis-1 engine, also produced under license in Poland. The first Lim-1 aircraft was flown on July 17, 1952. About 227 units of this aircraft were produced over two years of production. The LIM-1 (MIG-15) model aircraft was designed in a 1:32 scale and consists of 504 high-quality elements. All markings and inscriptions on the model are prints that do not wear off during use. The set has movable elements such as wheels and an opening cabin, in which you can place a great figure of a Polish pilot.