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Cobi - World War II - JUNKERS JU 52/3M (542 Pieces)

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The Junkers JU 52 is the most recognizable German three-engine aircraft of World War II. Designed for the transport of passengers and goods, it has proven itself perfectly in military aviation. At the start of the war, it was also used as  an auxiliary bomber. After modifications, it towed gliders. JU 52 aircraft transported numerous landing units on all fronts of the war. The best-known operations in which the JU 52 took part are: the attack on Greece, Operation Merkur, i.e. the landing in Crete, and the aid to the blocked 6th Army of Marshal Paulus in Stalingrad.
After World War II, the JU 52 was still produced in France under the name AAC. 1 Toucan and in Spain as CASA C.352-L. Units can be found in operation even today!

This model made of building bricks has many moving parts such as rotating wheels with rubber tires, moving propellers and articulated fins. The door that opens to the transport compartment and the cabin allows you to place inside a figurine of a German pilot or paratrooper.