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Cobi - World War II Warships - YAMATO (2551 Pieces)

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COBI-4833 Historical Collection Historical Collection Yamato Battleship - 2,665 Elements Age Group 12+ Scale 1:300 Yamato (Japan A battleship built during the Second World War and served in the Imperial Japanese Navy. This is the first Yamato class warship that together with his sister ship Musashi was the largest battleship built in humanity history. The main idea behind the construction of such powerful warships was the weather with the USA that dominated the Pacific. The construction of the Yamato began in 1937 and was served on December 16, 1941, a week after attack on Pearl Harbor. The ship was armed with nine monstrous 460 mm cannons. Its total length was 263 metres, width 38.9 metres, depth 11 metres and a displacement of 65,000 tonnes. It achieved a top speed of 27 knots (50 km/h). Almost 2,500 people served on the ship. It was recessed in a major battle of American torpedo aircraft and bombers on April 7, 1945. The Yamato battleship is a huge model of COBI building blocks. Like other warships, it was designed in a 1:300 scale model. The latest edition is modelled on its historical model even more detailed down to the smallest detail.