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Ubisoft Six Collection Chibis: Extraction (Lion)

by Ubisoft
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LION led the charge to contain the original outbreak in New Mexico. His background as a CBRN specialist make him essential to the efforts to combat this new crisis. R6 Command knew immediately that his skill with the EE-ONE-D drone would be vital to combating the Archaans and supporting his REACT teammates.

The mysterious "Chimera" parasite threaten and the R.E.A.C.T. team is the only answer.

Just as in the game, get your team of 3 operators with the Six Extraction chibi collection. Recruit Lion, his knowledge of the first outbreak will be crucial to support his teammates. Lion teams up with Ela and Vigil in the Six Extraction collection.

Each figurine comes with a unique code that unlocks an exclusive in-game charm in Rainbow Six Extraction.