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Steamforged Games - Dungeons & Doggies RPG Figures (Adventures Unleashed: Vol. 2)

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  • Embark on your next adventure as an adorable canine bursting with character, these doggie miniatures are fifth edition compatible and can be used in any tabletop roleplaying campaign
  • Complete set of 6 ready to paint or play RPG miniatures including Cassandra - the husky paladin, Freya - the german shepherd druid, Hartley - the french bulldog fighter, Montague - the cocker spaniel bard, Nightingale - the pomeranian monk, and Tobias - the corgi warlock
  • Fully assembled miniatures complementing any pawsome new campaign setting - they’re ready to join your adventuring party as player characters, companions, or familiars
  • Great for roleplaying beginners and experienced adventurers to introduce cunning and adorable characters into their ongoing or new campaign
  • Cats and Catacombs Volume 1& 2 and Dungeons and Doggies Volume 1 & 3 also available