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First4Figures - Conker (The Great Mighty Poo) RESIN Statue

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From the groundbreaking 2001 Nintendo 64 platform game Conker's Bad Fur Day comes The Great Mighty Poo with Conker 14" Statue from First 4 Figures!
The Great Mighty Poo from Conker's Bad Fur Day is a grotesque yet humorous character, taking the form of a giant singing pile of poo. Its operatic voice and unconventional presence add a distinct comedic element to the game.

The statue is inspired by the epic boss battle in Conker's Bad Fur Day. It perfectly captures the grotesque features of The Great Mighty Poo, from its contorted face with a wide, tooth-filled mouth to its large, flailing arms. 

The statue's body, textured in various shades of brown, authentically resembles fecal matter, complete with lifelike bumps and lumps. Standing in front of The Great Mighty Poo statue is Conker, capturing the epic boss battle as he faces this repulsive foe. The tissue paper he throws is meticulously placed inside The Great Mighty Poo's mouth.