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First4Figures - Silent Hill 2 (Bubble Head Nurse) RESIN Statue

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A horror game icon, the Bubble Head Nurses are grotesque monsters that players are faced with throughout the game. And now they’re brought to life as tangible 13” Statues! Virtual no longer, do you have what it takes to defeat one in real life? Prevent this Bubble Head Nurse from wielding its metal pipe on the innocents in your collection. This 13” Statue might not be as lethal as in the game, but why risk it? Appearing as she's seen in Silent Hill 2 with a backdrop of the dirty Brookhaven Hospital, this Statue features a triangular base to be consistent with the Red Pyramid Thing, allowing a cohesive display. Don’t wait around too long, this limited-edition Statue won’t last forever! 

Measuring approximately 35cm high, this meticulously detailed Statue of the Bubble Head Nurse spares no chance to bring out the intricate details across the scene. Everything from the paint applications, textures, and environmental base, to the overall sculpt has been masterfully created to produce only the highest quality of characterisation. Fans of the eerie Bubble Head Nurses now have the chance to display her in this 13” Statue!

What are you waiting for? Order the 13” Statue of the Bubble Head Nurse from Silent Hill 2 online today and add it to your horror collection!