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Funko - Animation: Naruto Shippuden (Might Guy - Eight Inner Gates)

by Funko
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Introducing Might Guy from Funko, the perfect addition to any Naruto Shippuden collection. With his Eight Inner Gates technique, he's ready to take on any opponent. Bring the world of anime to life with this exclusive and sophisticated POP! Vinyl figure.

Add the shinobi whom Madara Uchiha has declared "The Strongest" to your Funko collection when you grab this POP! Animation: Naruto - Might Guy (Eight Inner Gates). There are very few who are willing to open any of the Inner Gates but Might Guy opened all eight and he lived to tell the story.  

With his hair changed to a vibrant red and orange flames surrounding him, Guy looks ready to take on any foe. He proved to Madara and all who witnessed that his taijutsu is something to be feared! Commemorate this iconic moment in Naruto and anime history when you make this vinyl figurine the centerpiece of your Funko collection.