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Hero Collector: Harry Potter Mega Figurine

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Harry's first year at Hogwarts changes him from downtrodden boy to a brilliant young wizard. He receives a house cloak and embraces wandlore, broomstick flying, and many more of the skills required to succeed in the Wizarding World. This highly detailed Harry Potter MEGA Statuette captures the likeness of actor Daniel Radcliffe as seen in the Harry Potter and Philosopher's Stone. He is wearing his Gryffindor cloak and uniform and holds a broom in his left hand ready for the first class on how to ride a broomstick. 

This MEGA figurine comes with an additional swappable hand for Harry that is holding a wand - so you can choose between Harry unveiling his wand ready to cast a magical spell or a broomstick as he prepares himself for his first Qudditich lesson. Also includes a full-colour collector's guide looking at key moments of Harry Potter during his first year at Hogwarts.

Product Features:
  • Comes with swappable hand with a wand or broom.
  • Height: 25cm.
  • Hand-painted resin.
  • Full colour collector's guide included.
  • The figurine comes packaged in a full colour illustrated box.