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IronStudios - DC Comics Batman Animated Series: 1:10 Art Scale Statue (The Joker)

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Introducing the IronStudios DC Comics Batman Animated Series: 1:10 Art Scale Statue (The Joker). Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this dynamic statue captures the iconic character in stunning style. It features vivid colors and textures, making it a must-have for any fan of the Batman Animated Series. Add a unique touch of sophistication to your collection with this exquisite piece 

Holding one of the razor-sharp playing cards between the fingers of his right hand, with the representation of the suit that originated his name, the Clown Prince of Crime with his wide smile and dark eyes with the yellow sclera, presents himself on a technological pedestal leaning on his left leg on a mysterious “Jack-in-the-box”, an old toy  in  the  shape  of  a  box  with  a  crank,  that  when  turned  plays  a  melody  and  revels  a surprise  figure  in  the  end,  in  this  case,  almost  always  lethal.  Wearing  his  classic  purple tailcoat with an orange shirt and green bowtie, with his inseparable Acid Flower stick to his lapel,  Iron  Studios  present  their  statue “Joker  -  Batman  The  Animated  Series  -  Art Scale  1/10”,  presenting  the  stylized  classic  version  created  by  illustrator,  animator,  and writer Bruce Timm, celebrating the 30th anniversary of Dark Knight’s iconic animated series from 1992, that originated what is today called the DC Animated Universe.