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IronStudios - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: 1:10 Art Scale Statue (Raphael)

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Well known for his temperamental personality, Raphael can sometimes come across as aggressive and rebellious. He’s easily the strongest and toughest out of the four Turtle brothers, and is always ready to fight.

Perfectly at ease in the sewers he was raised in, Raphael’s face is wracked with a burning rage as he stalks forward atop the leaking waterworks of his home. Clutching his twin sai in a deadly stance, he’s ready to lay the smackdown on any Foot Clan henchmen that are unfortunate enough to get in his way! 

Measuring at over 8-inches in height, the Raphael 1/10th Scale Statue from Iron Studios is a masterful representation of this fun-loving party ninja! Crafted from high-quality polystone materials, the hand-painted detailing leaves out no aspect of Raphael’s design. Meticulously brought to life, this statue is a quintessential piece for any TMNT collector.