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LEGO - Icons (Atari Video Computer System)

by Lego
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  • Build a 1980s gaming icon – enjoy this captivating project and build a detailed model of an Atari® 2600 (10306) console, complete with joystick, game cartridges and miniature game scene models.
  • Admire all the retro details – this replica version of the Atari® 2600 console features many authentic details you'll recognize from the real console, but with a fun LEGO® twist.
  • 3 Retro Game Cartridges – Assemble the 3 classic game cartridges: Asteroids™, Adventure, and Centipede™. They fit into the console just like the original.
  • Build and explore the eighties scene – the hidden mini model shows a child playing Asteroids™ in a 1980s room. See all the details, such as the classic TV, ghetto blaster, posters, retro telephone and roller skates.
  • Create 3 Game Models – Build 3 scenes inspired by the Asteroids™, Adventure and Centipede™ games, including a starship that shoots at asteroids, a castle and a centipede with mushrooms.
  • Find the Easter egg – did you know that Adventure was one of the first games with an Easter egg? Find the tribute the LEGO® designer put into this model.
  • Dimensions - the console itself is approx. 8 cm high, 33 cm wide and 22 cm deep
  • An adult project – this LEGO® set is part of a series of building sets designed for adult construction fans who enjoy collectible models and impressive design details.
  • The best materials – LEGO® building blocks are made from high-quality materials. They are consistent, compatible and easy to assemble and disassemble – it's been that way since 1958.
  • Safety comes first – with LEGO® parts, safety and quality come first. That is why they are extensively tested, so that you can be sure that this model can take a beating.