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Nanoblock: Pokemon - Bulbasaur Figure

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NANOBLOCK POKEMON TOYS | Each Nanoblock building kit gives you the joy of discovery as you build your own mini model brick by brick until you have a perfect, miniature sculpture. Nanoblocks Pokemon figures are brilliant gifts for kids or adults from 12+.

SUPERIOR BUILDING EXPERIENCE | Nanoblock building blocks for adults and kids offer a greater challenge and more sophistication than similar building toys due to their fine detail. Follow the step-by-step instructions included to create your 3D masterpiece.

QUALITY MINI BRICKS | Each Nanoblock model kit is constructed of high quality, plastic bricks manufactured to the highest tolerances with some as small as 4mm X 4mm X 5mm. The size of Nanoblocks bricks allow for greater detail in the design, the smaller the brick, the better the build.

CATCH THEM ALL | With Pokemon from a wide variety of different games, everyone has the chance to assemble their favourite team. From Pikachu to Metagross, you can create your perfect Pokemon collection in Nanoblock form.

DISPLAY YOUR MODELS | Nanoblock construction kits let you build realistic and authentic 3D works of art that fit in the palm of your hand. Decorate your shelves with these model building kits for adults and kids.