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Subbuteo - Main Game (Liverpool)

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Liverpool FC fans will love the Official Liverpool FC Subbuteo Main Game! One of the world's most iconic sports games has now been official coupled with one of the UK most successful Premier League football clubs! If you are a fan of the beautiful game and an enthusiast of the iconic table football game Subbuteo then look no further for some fun football entertainment for the whole family. The Official Liverpool FC Subbuteo Main Game, with exceptional attention to detail, is the perfect way to enjoy the classic Subbuteo game, bringing the fun and competitiveness of football to your living room and creating a time when everyone can play together. Fans of all ages love the re-energized Subbuteo range with a new generation of incredibly detailed players that take the Subbuteo experience to a whole new level of realism. The stronger, but flexible players, have been produced in intricate detail sporting the official Liverpool FC red strip and branding, as well as different hairstyles. An improved pitch means your teams will never have moved so quickly and accurately and so you can now dazzle everyone with your Subbuteo skills! The Official Liverpool FC Subbuteo Main Game comes complete with 20 players (10 in official Liverpool FC kit wearing red shirts with red shorts and 10 wearing blue shirts and white shorts), 2 goalkeepers, a high quality pitch, goals and a football, so pick your team, decide your game plan and victory will be at your fingertips!