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Ubisoft Heroes: Series 2 - Watch Dogs (Legion)

by Ubisoft
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Ubicollectibles is celebrating all the characters from your favourite games with the Ubisoft Heroes !
The King of Hearts enters the Collection!
Get this chibi figurine directly inspired by one of the Resistance masks in WATCH DOGS®: LEGION.
This chibi figurine represents a DedSec operative wearing the King Of Hearts mask, stepping defiantly as a proud member of London's Resistance.

Modeled after the actual skull of King Richard III that was recovered several years back, this type of mask is usually held together by wiring. DedSec recruits paint them using traditional metallic colors, others add LEDs, and some have even added impressive holographic technology depicting the crown. Yet there can be only one King Of Hearts. Honest, compassionate and loving London almost to a fault, the King of Hearts is there to resist oppression in all its forms - with a flourish!