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WoodenCity: Wooden Figures (Backgammon Short)

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One of the first and oldest board games in the world is backgammon. Imagine that this game could be made of wood and that you had to assemble? So, call your best friend, assemble and play together. With this tiny compact board game, you'll spend your free time in a more fun and profitable way.

The rules:
Backgammon, a game played by moving pawns on a board or table, the goal of the game being a race to a goal, the movement of the pawns being controlled by the throwing of two dice. The ancient Romans played a game, the Ludus Duodecim Scriptorum ("Twelve-Line Game"), which was a board game "Twelve Lines", which was identical, or almost identical, to modern backgammon.

This game is even more generally played in the countries of the Eastern Mediterranean. Backgammon is a reasoned game of chance for two players practiced on an apron with dice. A player wins when he removes all his pawns from the apron. Despite the presence of chance, strategy plays an important role. 

With each roll of the dice, the player must choose from a large number of options to move his checkers and anticipate the actions of his opponent. Players can increase the value of the stake during the game.

Some facts about this game:

  • Made of ecological wood materials.
  • Glue-free assembly.
  • Made in the EU.
  • Perfect design.