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IronStudios - MiniCo Figurines: Marvel Comics (Deadpool)

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Disdainful, impulsive, sometimes clumsy, and always, always extremely funny, the talkative mercenary makes a heart gesture with his hands, with one of his eyes half closed as if he is blinking, over a base of melted asphalt to melt the heart of fans and collectors in this so awaited stylized version by Iron Studios, that proudly brings a statue of him, the degenerate regenerator, the crimson comedian, the chimichangas devourer...the unmissable "Deadpool - Marvel Comics - MiniCo", with his unmistakable red and black tactic costume, and, as always, duly prepared for nearly anything with his arsenal and accessories attached to his body, in the praised and loved Toy Art MiniCo format.

Owner of a genetically enhanced mutant physiology, Wade Wilson had an incurable cancer, for that reason he submitted himself to a treatment as test subject for the Canadian Government in which they injected him with Wolverine’s healing factor. As a result, he got cured from cancer, and got a healing factor that gives him an infinite life span, practically turning him immortal, however, in the process his face was burnt and damaged. With superhuman strength, capable of lifting up to 2 tons; enhanced agility, flexibility, dexterity, balance, and body coordination to levels beyond the natural physical limits; and being an extraordinary martial artist, considered to be one of the most qualified fighters in Marvel’s universe, his greatest power is his unpredictability, which makes it hard for his opponents to predict what he will do, and his healing factor makes his brain unreadable to telepaths.