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Yu-Gi-Oh - Articulated Figure Set (Exodia The Forbidden One & Castle Of Dark Illusions)

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Get your duel on. The incredibly successful Yu-Gi-Oh brand is celebrating its 25th Anniversary with a new collection launching worldwide. Expanding on its success in the trading card and anime category, Yu-Gi-Oh are proud to introduce a collection of beautifully sculpted figures for fans of all ages to collect. Yu-Gi-Oh 3.75 Inch figures are highly detailed and articulated. A rare and exclusive card is also included in each pack. Each card is unique to the character. Set includes 3.75 Inch Exodia figure and Castle of Dark Illusions. Exodia Exodia, the Forbidden One is one of the most iconic cards in the franchise, being well known for its automatic win condition and Yugi's use of it in the first episode of the anime. The Exodia card is one of the first five Effect Monsters ever to be released and the first card to have an alternative victory condition. Castle of Dark Illusions Castle of Dark Illusions, the Kanji on the front of the castle reads ”Yami”, which means "dark" or "darkness" in Japanese.