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First4Figures - Dark Souls (Elite Knight - Humanity Restored Edition) RESIN Statue

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Immerse yourself in the atmospheric world of Dark Souls with the Elite Knight: Humanity Restored Edition. Kneel before the flame-bitten sword as players have their humanity restored. With a hand outstretched, the Elite Knight kneels before the fire, which draws inspiration from the Kiln of the First Flame. Appearing as he's seen in Dark Souls, this Statue features weathering marks that lend to this formidable warrior’s battles, identifying the level of skill attuned to the Elite Knight.
Measuring approximately 29cm high, this meticulously detailed Statue spares no chance to bring out the intricate details across the scene. Everything from the paint applications, textures, environmental base, and the overall sculpt, has been masterfully created to produce only the highest quality of characterisation. Fans of the Elite Knight now have the chance to display him in this Humanity Restored Edition as a 15” Statue!

What are you waiting for? Order the 15" Statue of the Elite Knight (Humanity Restored Edition) from the Dark Souls video game online today and add it to your collection!