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First4Figures - Kirby (King Dedede) RESIN Statue

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King Dedede, as the self-proclaimed monarchy of Dream Land on Planet Popstar, has been adorably replicated as a 12” statue. Kirby’s food-loving, arch frenemy wears a rich red coat that puffs white along the edges, and a matching hat/helmet. He easily wields his iconic weapon of choice; the wooden mallet with a golden star stamped on each side.

King Dedede stands atop his blue, red, and yellow platform with a gleam of anticipating triumph in his eye. He smiles as he lifts his mallet, confident that he can defeat any rival. If you’re a fan of Kirby, you’re not going to want to miss this chance to add to your Nintendo collection!

So don’t wait any longer! This limited edition of King Dedede won’t last for very long. Order online today!