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IronStudios - Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: BDS 1:10 Art Scale Statue (Pink Ranger)

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After an earthquake in Angel Grove city, a group of five young friends found a robot called Alpha 5, which led them to meet the galactic mage Zordon. Chosen by Zordon to face the evil in the form of the sorceress Rita Repulsa, they each received a Power Morpher, an artifact containing a Power Coin engraved with an image of a prehistoric beast, which allows them to transform into a Power Ranger.

Kimberly Ann Har, the Pink Ranger, is one of the first five people originally chosen by Zordon and one of the group`s female representatives. Gifted with great athletic abilities and artistic talents, she has a Pterodactyl as her symbol, depicted in her pink and white costume. The heroine, who is ready to fire her bow and arrow, stands on a metal-floored base of the so-called Command Center, the group`s headquarters, gets her statue, the "Pink Ranger BDS Art Scale 1/10 - Power Rangers - Iron Studios" statue, presented by Iron Studios.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers is an American TV show adapted from the Japanese show Tokusatsu Super Sentai, which tells the story of five heroes with special powers, each wearing a uniform of a specific color. They have an arsenal that includes giant mecha robots called Dinozords, in the form of prehistoric animals, and when they merge, they transform into a giant robot called Megazord, to fight against gigantic alien creatures.

Created in 1993 by Saban Entertainment in the US, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers gets its statue line from Iron Studios. Together they form a fantastical diorama setting, portraying the main heroes in their Chamber of Power alongside their enigmatic and wise mentor, Zordon. Each figure will be individually available for sale. All statues are already in pre-order.