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First4Figures - My Hero Academia (Symbol Of Peace: All Might 1/8 Scale) RESIN Statue

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’What’s the Symbol of Peace? That’s tough… I wanted to be a light as a beacon of hope. As well as a warning. I swore that’s what I’d become and I never looked back.'

All Might stands as the ultimate Symbol of Peace. This larger-than-life superhero presents himself to the public as a charismatic, confident, and cheerful figure, besides his unfathomable strength. In private, however, he becomes a more solemn individual. Succeeding his predecessor who served as a great inspiration and mentor, but also as a mother figure, Nana Shimura proved to be a pivotal individual in All Might’s development.
All Might is captured atop a rocky surface with one arm raised as the Symbol of Peace. Inspiring other people with quirks to protect the innocent, and give hope to those who possess no special abilities, All Might stands resolute! He wears his iconic blue suit with red and white trimmings, and a gold belt around his waist. He appears as seen in the My Hero Academy anime, with all the comic-book-style shadows unique to this fan favourite!

What are you waiting for? Order the 1/8th Scale Statue of All Might from My Hero Academia online today and add it to your Statue collection!

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